Brand introduction

Shenzhen Hua Yida Chinese and Western Industrial Design Co., Ltd., is a set of a scientific and sound management system, covering product research and design, raw material procurement, production and sales services as one of professional quality sanitary enterprises. Since the establishment of the rapid development since 1997, with well-known designers in-depth cooperation is called the industry model.

In order to comply with the economic transformation and upgrading trend, focus on creating Woghes House VALEHAUS brand, a collection of advantages of resources, to enter the hotel and real estate, villas and other fields, deep plowing high-end bathroom market. The company is standing in the forefront of innovative design and product development in the future of the bathroom, leaving plenty of room for personalized creation and repositioning the bathroom as a high quality living space.

"VALEHAUS", "VALE" root from the valley, means the landscape dependencies, return to nature; "HAUS" is the German "house" means. Hua Ge House always adhere to the consumer to provide more comfortable and comfortable living space, while working with the distribution partners to create a harmonious and cooperative relations.

Hughes House VALEHAUS brand from Germany to introduce China, Germany has retained the original design concept, but also inherited Germany strict and meticulous process standards and quality control system. German soul fusion of Chinese materials, which is the high quality and cost-effective reason. We focus on high-end sanitary areas.

Simplicity of the
German design of the soul

The luxurious and elegant design style of the German design style, derived from the designer team is the German industrial design pioneer Professor Peter Raacke. The international modern design master for the design of the German designer Hauser, the product design concept to follow minimalist aesthetics, while the perfect integration of human elements into the bathroom to bring a peaceful atmosphere, wiping away unnecessary thoughts, Line shape concise, to create a broader sense of space. Although the simple aesthetic style, but also very particular about the functional, heritage of Germany's strict soul, every detail is thoughtful, in the design is Seiko secret agents, the pursuit of meticulous comfort, convenience and smooth. Whether it is a small curve of hand wash basin, or a small handle on the shower room, are the pursuit of excellence. Hughes House also with the French designer Somnuk Thao, Italian designers Marco Seveso and Gigi Trezzi to maintain long-term cooperation, into the latest European design concept, leading bathroom design trend.