Brand story

Brand introduction
We upgraded our brand name HAYTA/ HAVA to VALEHAUS to meet the market demands for a unified image in 2014, while the brand operations and European R&D team remained unchanged.
18 years experience in the sanitary-ware industry, along with close cooperation with exclusive hotel designers for the past many years has enabled us be at the frontier of innovative design, research, and the development of future bathroom concepts. In the pursuit of design capacity and quality, VALEHAUS attaches great importance to be the leader in the hotel sanitary design industry.

VALEHAUS originated in Germany. The trademark is registered worldwide. Positioned as a starred hotel bathroom design expert, we are a bathroom fittings brand that focuses on starred hotel bathroom, high-end real estate, luxury residential projects.

All our core products are original designs by European designers, including shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors, bathroom accessories, etc. By formulating standards for hotel bathrooms, depending on our standardized project design and after-sales service process, perfect quality control system and efficient logistics mechanism, we provide customers with a one-stop, professional, considerate, standardized service system.

VALEHAUS has built a service team that integrates product R&D, design, production, purchase, quality control, marketing, customer service to carry our brand-based operation. VALEHAUS has a team of world famous designers who focus on bathroom R&D and design. Integrating Germany’s minimalism and production standards, assembling excellent product, technology, marketing and management resources in the industry, sticking to the idea of “creating a new quality life”, holding a rigorous attitude, we insist on the extreme simplicity and individuation of products, blend culture and nature into our innovative product design. Our product appearances usually adopt simple designs, integrating extraordinary technology and perfect design, showing a simple elegant style and infinite charm.

VALEHAUS insists on perfecting products and services for consumers. In the meantime, we build harmonious partnerships with our distribution and engineering partners. Depending on our complete service system and perfect service team, we provide standard, systematic, fine services, making our customers’ service experience perfect.
By combining European designs and production standards with Chinese production, VALEHAUS products are perfect combinations of high quality and reasonable prices. In the meantime, we introduce high-quality products from Europe, to provide consumers with more choices. After years of continuous innovation and exploration, now exquisite VALEHAUS products are sold in 25 countries around the world.